Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rambo's Visitors!

Rambo had a couple visitors today. It was a couple of our neighbors. Rambo was so excited to see them! He showed them his tricks, and let them pet him! He was such a good pig! After the neighbors left, I took Rambo for a walk, (well it wasn't really a walk, he basically just rooted the whole time!) Then I gave him his daily apple! Boy, does he like apples! Rambo had a pretty fun day! I go and sit with him in his house all the time, and give him Cheerios! He is very enjoyable!



Honeystar said...

Hi this is Honeypool! Nice pig. Rambo's so cute! Your lucky. I might start one like this with a pet. If I can choose one ^.^ Nice,

oboe.chick said...

Hi Honeypool! Thanks, he is pretty fun!