Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rambo's Heater

Today, it was drizzling outside, and my dad and I went and got Rambo a heater. It is really nice and is good quality. It is made for dog houses, and it means that it won't catch on fire, which I am very happy about! After we installed Rambo's heater, we took him for a walk to the store. It isn't far away, and it gave Rambo good exercise! We had to walk into a ditch, then cross the highway (we got across safely!), then walk through another ditch to the store. Since Rambo has hooves, when he walks through mud, it looks like a baby deer was walking through the ditch! It was cute! Rambo also dug around in the pine needles when we got back, and of course he was digging up more DANDELION LEAVES!!!! My dad is always helping him sniff out the dandelions. After that, Rambo went back in his house to dry off from the drizzle next to his new heater!


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