Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nice Days

It has been pretty nice outside! Just really chilly! I heard on the news it was supposed to snow on Saturday! Brrr!!!! Rambo will have to have lots of hay in his house! Although the isolation from the Styrofoam is working well too! I was in his house a few days ago, and it was so warm in there! It was nice and cozy! Rambo is such a big pig! He is probably almost to his full height! He is growing so fast! He was a dirty piggy after rooting in the dirt today! He looked so cute outside wagging his tail! I will have to post some pictures soon!



ApachesPrincess said...

Your goofy, going in his house!! :) I can't believe its supposed to snow out! Crazy! On the news it said it is 20 degrees lower than average temperature at this time of year! Isn't that crazy?

oboe.chick said...

That is really crazy! I suppose that is true because it feels like winter!