Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apples and Playtime with Rambo

Since today was a rainy day, I thought I would write about Rambo's playtime he had yesterday. First Rambo had his daily apple, he is taking some pretty big bites out of them, so I have to watch my fingers! After his apple, we went into the pine needles, and Rambo dug around in there to find some plants and roots to chew on-- his favorite is dandelion leaves! Next, I brought him around the house a few times, Rambo did some "scooting" (or sprinting). He pulled me along like someone on a dog sled! He is getting really strong, and BIG too! Then when my dad got home, Rambo trotted and grunted all the way over to see my dad! He likes my dad a lot! He is starting to squeal when we pick him up like he is saying: "Hey put me down I want to play!" But it is pretty funny, and he settles down after a few minutes! Over all, Rambo had a fun day!