Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silly Rambo!

After school, my mom drove my brother and I home. When we got home, Rambo was standing outside his house, with his water jug stuck in the doorway! So poor Rambo was stuck outside! I had to run out there super fast and fix his water! I also picked up his bathroom corner too! I am going to go outside with my dad and sit in his house and feed him some Cheerios! Silly pig, pig!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rambo's early Christmas Pictures!

Hello! We had gotten some reindeer antlers from a friend, and they were for Rambo to wear for Christmas! Here are some pictures that we took of him-- they are quite cute! :)

Rambo wasn't so sure when we put these on. . .
but he looked so cute, we just had to get a picture!

Isn't this just adorable???!!!

Hmmm. . . Maybe these will have to be on our Christmas cards!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rambo's water dish

Rambo was a so silly! When we got home I looked outside his house and he had knocked his water dish outside his house! So I had to get him some more water, and then I got him some Cheerios and put them in his apple juice bottle, and set that down, Rambo had fun playing with that. Although, I went to babysit and so I didn't get to give him his dinner, but, I will be able to tomorrow! :)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rambo's Visitors!

Rambo had a couple visitors today. It was a couple of our neighbors. Rambo was so excited to see them! He showed them his tricks, and let them pet him! He was such a good pig! After the neighbors left, I took Rambo for a walk, (well it wasn't really a walk, he basically just rooted the whole time!) Then I gave him his daily apple! Boy, does he like apples! Rambo had a pretty fun day! I go and sit with him in his house all the time, and give him Cheerios! He is very enjoyable!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Rambo Pictures!

Here are some pictures of Rambo:

Here is a picture of Rambo's heater! He likes it a lot!

Rambo thought I should get a picture of him in his hay!

Rambo felt like staring at the wall in this picture!

"Goodbye!" Oinks Rambo as he exits his house-- leaving me all alone inside!

Rambo is such a silly piggy! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rambo's Heater

Today, it was drizzling outside, and my dad and I went and got Rambo a heater. It is really nice and is good quality. It is made for dog houses, and it means that it won't catch on fire, which I am very happy about! After we installed Rambo's heater, we took him for a walk to the store. It isn't far away, and it gave Rambo good exercise! We had to walk into a ditch, then cross the highway (we got across safely!), then walk through another ditch to the store. Since Rambo has hooves, when he walks through mud, it looks like a baby deer was walking through the ditch! It was cute! Rambo also dug around in the pine needles when we got back, and of course he was digging up more DANDELION LEAVES!!!! My dad is always helping him sniff out the dandelions. After that, Rambo went back in his house to dry off from the drizzle next to his new heater!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rambo's Rambling's award!

I would like to thank "Out of the Notebook and into the Blog" for giving Rambo's blog this award:

The Loyal friend award! Thank you Reyna! Rambo is very happy too!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rambo Pictures!

Here is a picture of Rambo that I have:

Here is Rambo standing on his favorite
multi-colored rug in our house!

Mazuri: Active Adult!

Rambo has now moved on to the Mazuri: Active Adult pig food! Rambo is now 4 months old, and a brochure we have about the pig food says that when a piglet reaches 4 months old, they are ready to move on the the next food level! Rambo is growing so fast! I had to clean out his straw and alfalfa today, because his hay was damp again. Poor Rambo! We now have to get more straw since we used all of it already! We will have to probably get double the straw we got last time since winter is coming! It seems like it is already here with little piles of snow on the ground!


Friday, October 9, 2009

A chilly fall day. . .

Rambo was such a good boy today! My dad and I called his name and he would do some sprinting across the yard! It was so cute! While my dad and brother were loading up our for-wheelers to go up north, Rambo was digging in the pine needles eating of course- - DANDELION LEAVES!!! They, as you may already know, are his FAVORITE!!! Hee-Hee! But while he was digging, I was kind of chilly, but I was okay! Rambo got all kinds of Cheerios today too! Silly piggy! We brought him back in his house after about an hour of playtime, and we fluffed up his hay, and Rambo was ready for bed!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nice Days

It has been pretty nice outside! Just really chilly! I heard on the news it was supposed to snow on Saturday! Brrr!!!! Rambo will have to have lots of hay in his house! Although the isolation from the Styrofoam is working well too! I was in his house a few days ago, and it was so warm in there! It was nice and cozy! Rambo is such a big pig! He is probably almost to his full height! He is growing so fast! He was a dirty piggy after rooting in the dirt today! He looked so cute outside wagging his tail! I will have to post some pictures soon!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another rainy day.

Today was sadly another cloudy-rainy day. Rambo got out quite a bit though! He had fun, although he dug up the grass in our yard a little-- but it wasn't too bad! My dad brought our camper home from up north, and Rambo was so happy to see him! He had an apple today, and a numerous amount of Cheerios! Rambo is such a cutey! My dad and brother were raking up pine needles, and Rambo was out on his leash with them. He was "helping" them rake (well actually it was more digging than raking! Hee Hee!) I had a really fun day with Rambo today!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Relaxin' with Rambo

Yesterday, my dad, brother, and I went out to Rambo's house and sat in his house with him for a bit. He was very happy to have us! When we arrived, Rambo was laying in his hay. When he saw who was there, he shot up out of his hay and grunted, and wagged his tail! He was very excited! So we all sat in there with him, petting him, feeding him Cheerios, and scratching his belly. He is a very spoiled piggy! My brother left after a bit, so my dad and I were left. Rambo was getting tired. So when we fluffed up his hay for him, he burrowed in there and fell asleep.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Rambo News

Brr!!! It is getting pretty chilly around here! Its rainy, and cold! That's fall for you! Rambo is going to need some moisturizing lotion, which I will be hopefully lathering him in tonight! Rambo is getting really big! I will have to post a picture soon! And if you scroll down, you can see that I have a button for Rambo's blog! Please feel free to post it on your blog! We are celebrating my dad's birthday today, we are all excited-- and so is Rambo! We wanted to put him in a party hat. . . but unfortunately we don't have any. Oh well! Now a great present for my dad is if I could teach Rambo how to oink Happy Birthday! How cute would that be????

Here is a picture of the button!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apples and Playtime with Rambo

Since today was a rainy day, I thought I would write about Rambo's playtime he had yesterday. First Rambo had his daily apple, he is taking some pretty big bites out of them, so I have to watch my fingers! After his apple, we went into the pine needles, and Rambo dug around in there to find some plants and roots to chew on-- his favorite is dandelion leaves! Next, I brought him around the house a few times, Rambo did some "scooting" (or sprinting). He pulled me along like someone on a dog sled! He is getting really strong, and BIG too! Then when my dad got home, Rambo trotted and grunted all the way over to see my dad! He likes my dad a lot! He is starting to squeal when we pick him up like he is saying: "Hey put me down I want to play!" But it is pretty funny, and he settles down after a few minutes! Over all, Rambo had a fun day!