Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tricks for your pig

If you want to teach your pig some tricks, here are some basic tricks to start you off:

Sit- Hold a Cheerio (or which ever treat you want), a little bit above your pig's nose. Say "sit" and move the treat backwards until your pig moves into a sitting position. Once your pig does this, reward him/her with a treat.

Up- Get another treat, hold it above your pig's head and tell him/her "up" your pig should lift his/her front legs into the air and stand on his/her back legs. Reward your pig with a treat.

Circle- With a treat, hold it in front of your pig, and say "circle" and move the treat in a circular motion. Your pig should follow the treat in a full circle. Reward your pig once he/she does this.

Here are three basic moves for your pig. Your pig may not get this at first and will need to have lots of practice. It is always exciting when Rambo learns a new trick! Good luck and have fun!


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