Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rambo's Sunday

Today, Rambo came out of his pen for a while and watched my dad and brother while they made a fire in the fire pit. Rambo didn't like it very much-- it got a little too warm for him. I had Rambo drinking out of the hose, it was pretty cute! He would get his lips up close to the water and he slurped some of it into his mouth, although he got tired of the water spraying out at him all the time, so he didn't drink out of it very long! To bad I didn't get a picture! Rambo had some more visitors today, he enjoyed it a lot, especially when they had Cheerios! It is 4:15 PM right now, not quite time for Rambo to eat. Rambo also had an apple today, it was considered a mid-supper meal! Rambo enjoyed it a lot!


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