Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rambo's Playtime

After a LONG day at school, I finally got home to see Rambo! He was quite dirty from digging in the dirt! Silly guy! He is starting to get a big belly! I can't believe how big it is! I fed him his Mazuri pig food, I just cut him off of his baby grain about a week ago. He didn't mind at all! Rambo got to come out of his pen and walk around without his leash on, and he was doing really well-- until he found the tomato plants in my dad's garden! Then he had to go on his leash. Rambo had a lot of fun outside, he would trot around on his leash, and stretched the leash as far as it would go! He would, rut little holes in the grass, then he would eat plums from the tree, and even tried to sneak over to my dad's tomato plants again (but my dad caught him!) After awhile, I had to go and take a shower, so my dad and brother brought him back to his pen. They let him off his leash, and he grunted while he watched them walk back to the house.



ApachesPrincess said...

Awww, cute! Sounds like he was being a litte bit naughty! Hehehe!

oboe.chick said...

Yup! Just a little bit! Hehe!