Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rambo's new trick!

Yesterday, while my dad, my brother, and I went to shoot archery, my mom stayed home. She had to unpack groceries and couldn't make it. So when we got home from archery, my mom said Rambo had learned how to "circle." Which is, holding a Cheerio in front of your pig and say "circle," then you move the treat in a circle and the pig should follow. I was sitting with Rambo and tried out that trick, and he moved in a complete circle! I am so proud of him! I had visited him just now, and he was laying in the sun by his pool, I think he may be a little cold. On Thursday, we are going to rinse off Rambo and apply some more moisturizing lotion. I was holding him today and noticed he had big flakes of dry skin coming off of him, so we will have to add a little more lotion. He smells so nice when we spread lotion on him! He will be coming up to our trailer on Labor Day weekend, I don't know what he will think though, with kids riding up and down the road on their bikes, screaming and yelling! I hope he doesn't get too scared!


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