Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rambo's Day

Rambo's day was pretty good! He had to stay home for a little while, but when we got home, I brought him outside and we let him walk around for a while. He enjoyed it a lot! My dad and I were trying to teach Rambo the "stay" command. He did okay, but it still needs some perfection. I also gave Rambo an apple! I took out the seeds, they are toxic to potbellies so it is always a good idea to take them out! Rambo has been getting bigger every day! His belly has been getting really big! It is getting it's potbelly form!



ApachesPrincess said...

Ohhh, he's getting bigger? You should post a picture!

I hope that he learns how to stay for you soon!

oboe.chick said...

I will have to! I hope he learns that too!

ApachesPrincess said...

Then you can teach him how to sit...go down...and how about agility?!?! Hahaha! Next year, instead of bringing your dogs to dog training, you could bring Rambo!

oboe.chick said...

Heehee! That's a good one!