Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rambo's Adventure

Today, Rambo and I went for a walk outside, I brought him around the driveway two times, and he also went into the pine trees and he dug around in there for a while. He is doing REALLY well on his leash! I am so proud of him! His new "circle" trick is coming along nicely too! He is already a natural! Yesterday, we gave him his de-wormer. We put the de-wormer on a half piece of peanut butter bread, and he ate it all up! It works really well. Rambo is doing really well, every night, my dad gives him an apple to eat. Rambo absolutley LOVES apples! We went outside and gave him some Cheerios before bed, testing him on all of his tricks! Then we fluffed up his hay for him, and said goodnight.


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