Friday, September 25, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated Rambo's blog for awhile! I have busy with swimming and school and don't have a lot of time. My swim team had our first meet on Monday and we got first place! I was so excited!

Rambo has been very good while I have been gone, he has gotten an apple every night and lots of running around time with my dad and I! He likes to scoot (or sprint) a lot! Even when he is on his leash, he will run really fast ahead of my dad and I, do a few little circles and come right back! He is so cute! I say good-bye and tell him to be a good pig (which I know he will be) every morning! And he always is. He is very excited when we get home--because he also knows it is feeding time! Today it was raining out, so Rambo didn't get a chance to come out of his pen. But he will absolutely have time tomorrow!


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