Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rambo the Sprinter

Rambo is so funny! He loves to run! We were shooting archery, and practicing for the state shoot, and my dad would say "Come and help us score Rambo." He would trot, trot, trot, back and forth over to the targets and look around like he was helping us "score," then he would trot, trot, sprint and spin all the way back! It was so cute!



The said...

Well, Rambo, I like soccer. Do you play soccer? It is fun to chance the ball around. I have a soccer outfit, do you have any outfits?


oboe.chick said...
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oboe.chick said...

Hey Baxter,

I think I could learn to play soccer pretty easily, maybe I could borrow your soccer outfit. Another thing, since we are both black and white, maybe we could set up a playdate!