Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rambo at the Campground

Rambo has been a very good pig up here at the campground! He has been getting tons of attention from passersby, who always want to come up and pet him! Lots of Cheerios are basically what he has been getting all day! I will have to cut him back on his Cheerios tomorrow! Rambo went down to the lake and drank some lake water--Yuck! Rambo has been having a little trouble with constipation. I gave him some prune juice and that helped! He didn't poop in his carrier on the way up here either! I started reading to him a book called "The good good pig." Fits for him doesn't it? He fell asleep since we left at around 8:00 pm. I pet him too! He slept good in our trailer all night, then woke up at around 6:18 to eat! I was pretty tired! He is visiting my Grandma and Grandpa's trailer right now. Lot's of attention is drawn to him! I will put some pictures of Rambo at the lake tomorrow!


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