Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bathtime and Bedtime

Last night, Rambo stayed inside for the night after his bath. Although it was kind of sad because he would stare outside and root at the bottom of the door like he was saying, "I want to go back outside!" But since Rambo has been outside more often now, he has gotten attached to his outside home. He was really excited when I brought him back outside the next morning, he was practically running to the gate! I bet he was probably thinking, "I'm home! I'm home!"

My dad and I are going to be changing his hay, it has gotten damp, and Rambo does not want to sleep in wet hay! That would not be very fun. We are trying to think of some toys to give Rambo for when he has to stay home alone by himself when I am at school. He is not a big fan of balls right now, and his 2 liter pop bottle that he has, is all dented up from him pushing it up against the gate, his house, and trees. If you have any ideas for a pig toy, please give me some ideas. Because we are stumped when it comes to toys for a pig!


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