Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is here!

Fall is definitely here! It is pretty windy out here, and Rambo's house had pine needles all over the top of his house so I had to go and brush all of them off! The next thing on my agenda was to check if his hay was damp at all-- which it was, so I took out all of the hay, stuffed it in garbage bags, and put new hay back in! Rambo was so excited to get new hay, so he dug into the hay and started chewing on some alfalfa. It was pretty cute to listen to him chomp on his hay! My dad came home from up north today so Rambo was pretty excited! He grunted with joy! Rambo is doing so well here, and he has grown up a lot too!


Friday, September 25, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated Rambo's blog for awhile! I have busy with swimming and school and don't have a lot of time. My swim team had our first meet on Monday and we got first place! I was so excited!

Rambo has been very good while I have been gone, he has gotten an apple every night and lots of running around time with my dad and I! He likes to scoot (or sprint) a lot! Even when he is on his leash, he will run really fast ahead of my dad and I, do a few little circles and come right back! He is so cute! I say good-bye and tell him to be a good pig (which I know he will be) every morning! And he always is. He is very excited when we get home--because he also knows it is feeding time! Today it was raining out, so Rambo didn't get a chance to come out of his pen. But he will absolutely have time tomorrow!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rambo's Bath Pictures!

These were some funny pictures I got of Rambo on Friday when he had his bath! He was a little more antsy than last time. But that's okay! I just thought I'd share these, because they were pretty cute!


Rambo's Sunday

Today, Rambo came out of his pen for a while and watched my dad and brother while they made a fire in the fire pit. Rambo didn't like it very much-- it got a little too warm for him. I had Rambo drinking out of the hose, it was pretty cute! He would get his lips up close to the water and he slurped some of it into his mouth, although he got tired of the water spraying out at him all the time, so he didn't drink out of it very long! To bad I didn't get a picture! Rambo had some more visitors today, he enjoyed it a lot, especially when they had Cheerios! It is 4:15 PM right now, not quite time for Rambo to eat. Rambo also had an apple today, it was considered a mid-supper meal! Rambo enjoyed it a lot!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Good, Good Pig

The good, good pig is a very cute biography about a pig named Christopher Hogwood.

Christopher Hogwood was adopted as a sick little piglet who was the runt of his litter. The author, Sy Montgomery writes about Christopher's everyday life on the farm, Christopher is a pig that loves to eat, break out of his pen, and loves attention. Christopher gets pretty famous throughout this book, and Sy opens up a "Pig Spa" where people come and give Chris a bath. It was a very cute book over all, but it can be sad and funny at times too.

I got this book from a friend.


Bathtime and Bedtime

Last night, Rambo stayed inside for the night after his bath. Although it was kind of sad because he would stare outside and root at the bottom of the door like he was saying, "I want to go back outside!" But since Rambo has been outside more often now, he has gotten attached to his outside home. He was really excited when I brought him back outside the next morning, he was practically running to the gate! I bet he was probably thinking, "I'm home! I'm home!"

My dad and I are going to be changing his hay, it has gotten damp, and Rambo does not want to sleep in wet hay! That would not be very fun. We are trying to think of some toys to give Rambo for when he has to stay home alone by himself when I am at school. He is not a big fan of balls right now, and his 2 liter pop bottle that he has, is all dented up from him pushing it up against the gate, his house, and trees. If you have any ideas for a pig toy, please give me some ideas. Because we are stumped when it comes to toys for a pig!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Today with Rambo. . .

Rambo was a very good pig today, I fed him in the morning and gave him fresh water before I went off to school! Waking up at 5:30 is hard, but it is totally worth it! Rambo gets sad when we leave him home, but when we get home, we give him loads of attention and give him Cheerios (of course) and he gets so happy! Rambo is a very fun piggy! I gave him a bath today--he was a little squirmy, but he was good! We lathered him in moisturizing lotion and now he smells good, and is soft and cuddly too!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Days

I have been really busy lately, so I haven't been able to play with Rambo a whole lot. But I still fit it in! My dad has taught Rambo how to climb the stairs! He was never able to do that before, since he was so small. He has gotten bigger now and has accomplished a lot in the short time that we have had him! We all love him, my mom even caught herself kissing him on the head the other night! Tomorrow is Friday, and then the weekend. . . I can't wait to spend time with Rambo!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Visitors for Rambo

This afternoon, our neighbors came over to see Rambo. I got him on his leash and brought him over to the front of the house where we waited for them to arrive. When they got here, he was a very good pig, he sniffed their hands and let them pet him. He did a very nice job! My family and I brought our neighbors over to his house, and Rambo was trying to run ahead so he could show it off, but his leash slowed him down. The neighbors were pretty impressed. So, after they left, we fed Rambo some of his Cheerios, then he went off to bed.


Rambo's Day

Rambo's day was pretty good! He had to stay home for a little while, but when we got home, I brought him outside and we let him walk around for a while. He enjoyed it a lot! My dad and I were trying to teach Rambo the "stay" command. He did okay, but it still needs some perfection. I also gave Rambo an apple! I took out the seeds, they are toxic to potbellies so it is always a good idea to take them out! Rambo has been getting bigger every day! His belly has been getting really big! It is getting it's potbelly form!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

After the State Shoot

Yay! I got a score of 155 on my State Shoot score! I am so happy! It got kind of rainy though, and it rained at my house. Rambo was home alone at the time. He got kind of bored apparently because he knocked the ramp that was used for his pool over, he also knocked his ramp off of his house, and tipped the stool over. That silly pig! He can't be kept occupied for very long! When I went to see him, he was grunting away! It was pretty cute!


The State Shoot

Today, my brother and I are going to be competing in the State Shoot for 4-H! It is going to be pretty cool! I asked my dad if we could bring Rambo so that he could be our mascot--but he said no. Darn! Oh well, I bet he will have a lot more fun being in his pen rolling around his bottle
FULL of Cheerios!


Friday, September 11, 2009


Rambo is sleeping inside tonight after his bath. We shampooed him today, and he smells so good! We are convincing my mom to let him sleep on the bed, which has finally worked! Hee-Hee! His tail seems to always wag faster when he is in the house. My dad had to take him outside for about 15 minutes, because Rambo had to go to the bathroom first before he could even sleep on my bed. Outside, all Rambo did was basically rut and sniff around before he finally decided to go to the bathroom. Silly pig! I have noticed that Rambo has been getting a little agressive--to help solve this problem, we just grab Rambo's snout and tell him "no," so then he will know not to do that. Otherwise, he has been a very good piggy!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rambo's Playtime

After a LONG day at school, I finally got home to see Rambo! He was quite dirty from digging in the dirt! Silly guy! He is starting to get a big belly! I can't believe how big it is! I fed him his Mazuri pig food, I just cut him off of his baby grain about a week ago. He didn't mind at all! Rambo got to come out of his pen and walk around without his leash on, and he was doing really well-- until he found the tomato plants in my dad's garden! Then he had to go on his leash. Rambo had a lot of fun outside, he would trot around on his leash, and stretched the leash as far as it would go! He would, rut little holes in the grass, then he would eat plums from the tree, and even tried to sneak over to my dad's tomato plants again (but my dad caught him!) After awhile, I had to go and take a shower, so my dad and brother brought him back to his pen. They let him off his leash, and he grunted while he watched them walk back to the house.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rambo the Sprinter

Rambo is so funny! He loves to run! We were shooting archery, and practicing for the state shoot, and my dad would say "Come and help us score Rambo." He would trot, trot, trot, back and forth over to the targets and look around like he was helping us "score," then he would trot, trot, sprint and spin all the way back! It was so cute!


Going to School

Today was my first day of 7th grade, and Rambo had to be home all alone! I missed him a lot! I gave him his food in the morning, then put some Cheerios in his 2 liter pop bottle so that he would be kept busy! He did very good! I think he missed us though! I just fed him, and he was so happy-- and a little slobbery too!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Rambo's Door Flap

My dad built Rambo a door flap for in front of his door way so that mosquitoes, wind, snow, etc. can't get into his house. My dad and I climbed into his house and called him in. He was hesitant at first, then lifted the flap with his nose and walked inside. We gave him some Cheerios as a reward. Rambo was very happy. Rambo is doing very well, he can run around the yard without his leash on, he won't walk off anywhere, but he does walk away to try and sneak an apple or a plum from the tree. My dad has to pull the plum seed out of his mouth because they are toxic to pigs. Running is his all time favorite. He runs in circles then comes running back to us. He is a silly pig!


Rambo's Morning

This morning, I brought out Rambo's food EARLY in the morning, and the mosquitoes were at it again! While he ate, the mosquitoes were buzzing all over him! He has about 4 little bug bites. Poor pig! He was so excited to see me though! He came grunting and squeaking out of his house. I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so I had to go back in the house, but I went and checked on him later and he was doing very well!


Sunday, September 6, 2009


Poor Rambo! The mosquitoes were just terrible! We took him for a little walk, and he was attacked by tons of mosquitoes! I felt bad for him, my dad is planning to put a door on the front of his house so that the mosquitoes, snow, etc. can't get inside. My dad sprayed him with some insect repelint. I think it worked well. Rambo is now safe and sound in his house-- and out of the mosquitoes!


Rambo's Vacation Pictures!

This is before the vacation when Rambo, and the two pugs
Saydee and Mia were sitting for Cheerios!

Rambo is eating some clover! It's his favorite!

Rambo at the lake!

Rambo saying hello to a toad! (If you look really
close, you can see the toad.)

Rambo was like a celebrity at the campground,
so here he is watching for visitors!

Yes, I know this is a weird picture, but
it was real cute because Rambo was
walking up to my dad and I carrying this
stick! It was like he was saying:
"Look what I found!"

Camping is exhausting! Rambo
fell asleep on the couch watching
a movie!

Rambo had a really fun vacation! Although his constipation made him a little uncomfortable! Poor little guy! He is feeling a lot better though, and was so happy to get back to his pen when we got home!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rambo at the Campground

Rambo has been a very good pig up here at the campground! He has been getting tons of attention from passersby, who always want to come up and pet him! Lots of Cheerios are basically what he has been getting all day! I will have to cut him back on his Cheerios tomorrow! Rambo went down to the lake and drank some lake water--Yuck! Rambo has been having a little trouble with constipation. I gave him some prune juice and that helped! He didn't poop in his carrier on the way up here either! I started reading to him a book called "The good good pig." Fits for him doesn't it? He fell asleep since we left at around 8:00 pm. I pet him too! He slept good in our trailer all night, then woke up at around 6:18 to eat! I was pretty tired! He is visiting my Grandma and Grandpa's trailer right now. Lot's of attention is drawn to him! I will put some pictures of Rambo at the lake tomorrow!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Rambo's going on vacation!

Rambo was such a good boy today! We brought him to my dad's work, and he never had an accident on the way there! He had had some accidents when he first came home, so what an improvement! The people at dad's work absolutely loved Rambo!

Now, we are packing up Rambo to bring him on a two day vacation! I bet he will be the perfect pig! I will have to get some pictures of him! I also will post how the vacation went too!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another night in the house

After Rambo's bath we gave him tonight, he is going to stay in the house for the night. I got a really cute picture of him and our two pugs sitting for a treat which is really cute! I will be posting it on here tomorrow. Rambo, has been talking a bunch! He loves to talk! Wagging his tail is also another one of his favorites! Well, better get Rambo off to bed!


Rambo Pictures!

Here are some pictures of Rambo:

Rambo woke up one morning with hay stuck to his harness!
He stood very nicely while I took this picture!

Here is Rambo performing his "up" trick!
Rambo did very good, he really wanted the
Cheerio I was holding!

Rambo is sitting in this picture!
Isn't he cute?


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Header Image!

Hello! How do you like my header image? My friend Reyna made it for me, if you want a header for your blog, Reyna will make you a custom made blog header! Her blog is:!

Rambo was being a very good pig today! Reyna and her brother Adam got to see his fabulous tricks when they came over today! Now my dad is talking about bringing Rambo to work with him! His friends at work really want to see him. I think it would be quite fun to bring him! He would only stay for lunch though! We are also still deciding if Rambo is coming to the campground on Labor Day weekend! If I get some cute pictures of him, I will post them on here!


A morning with Rambo

This morning, I woke up at around 6:25 to go out and feed Rambo. He was a hungry little piggy! I let him eat then came back outside to play with him. He did his "circle," "sit," and "up" tricks, and I rewarded him with Cheerios! After all the Cheerios were gone, I picked him up and held him on my lap. I held him for 10-15 minutes then set him down. Rambo enjoyed getting a belly rub too! He is such a cute pig!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tricks for your pig

If you want to teach your pig some tricks, here are some basic tricks to start you off:

Sit- Hold a Cheerio (or which ever treat you want), a little bit above your pig's nose. Say "sit" and move the treat backwards until your pig moves into a sitting position. Once your pig does this, reward him/her with a treat.

Up- Get another treat, hold it above your pig's head and tell him/her "up" your pig should lift his/her front legs into the air and stand on his/her back legs. Reward your pig with a treat.

Circle- With a treat, hold it in front of your pig, and say "circle" and move the treat in a circular motion. Your pig should follow the treat in a full circle. Reward your pig once he/she does this.

Here are three basic moves for your pig. Your pig may not get this at first and will need to have lots of practice. It is always exciting when Rambo learns a new trick! Good luck and have fun!


Rambo's Adventure

Today, Rambo and I went for a walk outside, I brought him around the driveway two times, and he also went into the pine trees and he dug around in there for a while. He is doing REALLY well on his leash! I am so proud of him! His new "circle" trick is coming along nicely too! He is already a natural! Yesterday, we gave him his de-wormer. We put the de-wormer on a half piece of peanut butter bread, and he ate it all up! It works really well. Rambo is doing really well, every night, my dad gives him an apple to eat. Rambo absolutley LOVES apples! We went outside and gave him some Cheerios before bed, testing him on all of his tricks! Then we fluffed up his hay for him, and said goodnight.


Rambo's new trick!

Yesterday, while my dad, my brother, and I went to shoot archery, my mom stayed home. She had to unpack groceries and couldn't make it. So when we got home from archery, my mom said Rambo had learned how to "circle." Which is, holding a Cheerio in front of your pig and say "circle," then you move the treat in a circle and the pig should follow. I was sitting with Rambo and tried out that trick, and he moved in a complete circle! I am so proud of him! I had visited him just now, and he was laying in the sun by his pool, I think he may be a little cold. On Thursday, we are going to rinse off Rambo and apply some more moisturizing lotion. I was holding him today and noticed he had big flakes of dry skin coming off of him, so we will have to add a little more lotion. He smells so nice when we spread lotion on him! He will be coming up to our trailer on Labor Day weekend, I don't know what he will think though, with kids riding up and down the road on their bikes, screaming and yelling! I hope he doesn't get too scared!