Friday, August 28, 2009

What my friend Taylor thought of Rambo!


This post is going to be written by my friend Taylor on what she thought of Rambo!

Taylor: Hey everyone! I'm oboe.chick's friend, Taylor! I thought Rambo is the CUTEST most ADORABLE potbellied pig in the UNIVERSE! He is so cute when you hold up a cheerio in front of his nose and say "Sit" and then either give him the cheerio or you can tell him "Up" and he will STAND ON HIS BACK LEGS! How positively sweet is that? And then when you scratch his little tummy he will sometimes flop over and it makes you feel so special! Rambo is the most wonderful, amazing, and spectacular pig to ever live!

Thanks, oboe.chick for letting me post a comment on your blog! Back to oboe.chick!

Thanks Taylor! I will be updating more soon!


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