Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rambo's Walk

Tonight was Rambo's nightly walk, he did very good! He likes the following technique the best, where someone in front calls him, and he will start trotting forward, all excited! He is so cute! We had our pug Mia outside, and Rambo would be eating the dandelions and Mia would look at him like, "What are you eating? I don't see anything!" It was pretty funny! Rambo would be wagging his little tail all the time! We brought him back to his pen after a walk around the perimeter of the house,where Rambo drank quite a bit of water! My dad and I sat outside with him, and went through his tricks, which right now are, sit, and sit up, and come. He is so smart! After a bit, he got tired, and we said goodnight!


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