Friday, August 28, 2009

Rambo's leash training!

Today, my friend Taylor was over, and she absolutely LOVED him!!!! Rambo was so nice to Taylor, he didn't even flinch away from her, he just sniffed her hand and he let her pet him! He even let her rub his belly! Such a good pig! My mom held him for ten minutes, hardly fussing a bit! He just lay there! Mom got a bit dirty though. But she didn't mind it at all! Tonight, my dad was putting tension on Rambo's harness, he squealed a little, but not too much! Then, after he got used to the tension, my dad told him, "Come," and Rambo squealed, he didn't like that very much! But he soon got used to it after a few Cheerios! After supper, we are going to give Rambo a bath, after that, Rambo gets a special treat. . . he gets to watch T.V.!


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