Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rambo's first day outside

This morning, Rambo woke up early, so my mom had to come and wake me up. Rambo was up and about looking for food! Rambo had his morning meal, and me and my family went to church and ran some errands. Then when we got inside the house, Rambo was standing in the dog carrier waiting for us. My dad had gotten more wood at Menards and went to work on the house with my brother. We took Rambo with us, although, he still didn't like his leash and got squealy. But soon he settled down for us and he got to root around in his pen. My dad started working on the house and first, he put Styrofoam on the bottom of the house, then put plywood on top for the floor. Next, he cut out some Styrofoam into the shape of the walls and glued them to the walls for insulation in the winter. After that, he put on the roof, he measured the one half of the house for the permanent part of the roof and the other half he measured so that I could open up the roof and climb inside to check on Rambo, or clean up his house. My mom came out a while later and painted the house, a light brownish color. Rambo was out there rooting the whole time! I had taken him off of his leash, so he could go where ever he wanted! My dad finished the house, and put hinges on the one half of the roof where you could lift up it up. But we are still a little wary of it, because it might fall down. Rambo is a little scared of it too, but he does okay. My mom and I went and gathered up Rambo's Patrick (from SpongeBob) stuffed pillow, and his fleece and silk blanket, and a big quilt that we didn't have any use for anymore, and his caterpillar toy. I wrapped it in the quilt and arranged it in a way that he would like, soon he went and explored sniffing around inside, we were a little worried, because we thought he was wrecking the Styrofoam! After awhile, I brought out his food and water, and set it on a mat inside his house, he gobbled up his food and came outside. I got a tupperware full of Cheerios and taught him how to sit, and get up on the log. (He even jumped on me a few times! Boy, does he love Cheerios!) My dad got him a whole apple from our apple tree, (the apples aren't very big.) Rambo grabbed the apple and carried it around his pen, then ate it. Me and my dad went inside his house, (turns out it can fit two people and a pig!) and we layed in there with him, Rambo got a belly rub, and he falls over all the time because it feels so good! Soon after, Rambo had had so much fun he got so exhausted, he fell over with a flop!


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