Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A fun day with Rambo

Today, I woke up at around 6:15 to go and feed Rambo. He was in his house sleeping, he looked very cozy! I went and measured out his food and brought it to him, and he ate it all up! I also gave him some fresh water since he gets it all dirty after rooting in the pen! Silly Rambo! It was supposed to rain this morning so I went back inside. It rained a little bit so I went to check on him after it rained to make sure he was doing good! And of course he was, all curled up in his hay! I went and sat with him every few minutes or so, and gave him Cheerios. My brother scratched his tummy until he fell asleep in his house! So sweet! After I got home from swimming, I went to give him his supper and he had rooted giant holes in the ground and his water dish was sitting outside his house! What a silly pig! Soon my dad came home and he helped me pick up Rambo for the first time by myself! I held him on my lap and fed him Cheerios and scratched his tummy, rubbed his ear, and scratched his back. I set him down and gave him some more Cheerios. My dad taught him how to sit up on his back hooves! Good Rambo! Since Rambo can't quite get into his wading pool, my dad built him a ramp so he can get in and also get back out. So far he has made it to the top, but hasn't gotten in the pool yet. After some playtime, I said goodnight!


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