Sunday, August 23, 2009

A day with Rambo

Yesterday with Rambo I gave him his food for the morning, and he gobbled it down like always! It was the first day that we put on his harness, he had no problem with it! We gave him a Cheerio for being so good with putting on his harness! So he walked around with it on for a while and decided that he was tired and needed a nap. He decided that he liked our multicolored rug in the entry way and lay down on that. He tried to doze off but the ongoing noises kept him awake. My dad and brother went off to Menards to get wood for Rambo's house, so I went and laid on a blanket and read a book, while Rambo laid on the rug. If I laid still on the blanket, he walked up to me a couple times and sniffed me. Which was good so that he would get to know me! Or sometimes, he would just lay on his rug and stare at me. After awhile, we decided to take him outside on his leash. . . he didn't like it that much. We set him in the grass and he squealed quite a bit and ran around, but soon we picked him up and put him in his pen outside and he loved it! It was packed with all the dirt that he needed! He rooted around in the dirt for about three hours, and got a really dirty nose! Soon, after we brought in Rambo's big house, (which is 9 feet long, by 4 foot high at it's highest point) my dad installed a gate and finished wrapping the chain link fence around it. Rambo went and sniffed around inside his house for about 5 minutes, then it was time for Rambo to come in for a bath! Well, Rambo isn't a big bath taker when it comes to the laundry room tub! He squealed and jumped around, but my dad got him under control, and we got all the dirt off of his nose, and also the dirt off of the bottom of his hooves! We dried him off and rubbed some lotion on him, and he was sparkly clean! Then after a little playtime and some supper, Rambo was off to bed after a big day rooting in his pen!


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