Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bringing home Rambo

Yesterday, we went to get Rambo. I put his carrier we would bring him home in together, and put newspapers in the bottom for accidents. We got to the farm where we would pick him up, and got information on the different things he liked to do, like where he liked to be scratched (on Rambo it is his ears.) We learned how much food he would eat, and learned how to clean out his ears. Rambo was the second to the last pig left, his brother, Rosco was left, he was separated from Rambo though. Rambo is a black pig with a white stripe down his forehead. We got Rambo in his carrier easily, but had a few accidents on the way. (It is good to have newspapers.) When we got home, we introduced him to our cats: Carmel and Mitzi. Although, they were a little wary of him. Which is what you would expect from cats, Carmel's hair stood on end and her tail became a whole lot bushier! So after we got his dishes and litter box set up, we gave him his food. 1/2 a cup of Mazuri potbelly pig food, and 1/8 cup of grain. He gobbled that up quickly! After feeding time, we played with him and held him for about an hour and a half, then it was off to bed! Rambo settled in quite nicely to his silk and fleece blankets, and fell asleep instantly!


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