Thursday, May 3, 2012



Rambo is doing good! He is really enjoying the warm weather! A new favorite pastime of his is that he likes to go and eat the berries that have fallen off our berry tree we have in our backyard. We can never get him to come when we call him because he so focused on eating! :) Rambo has started to shed some of his hair for the warmer months, but so far, it has only come out in certain places. Right now, he has shed most of the hair on his back, and some hair on his rear end. I am hoping that we can give him a bath soon, but we have to wait until it is pretty warm out until we can. I will probably let Rambo outside this evening too, it is so nice out -- right around 80 degrees!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cat stuck in the fence

I let Rambo out on Thursday because when I went out to feed him, there was a cat stuck in Rambo's fence. I was happy to see that the cat wasn't injured. It looked like the cat had tried to get some water out Rambo's dish, because his water dish is sitting right against the fence. Unfortunately, it managed to get its head stuck. I didn't want Rambo to scare the cat, so after he was done eating I let him into the garage. I sat with him in the garage until my dad got home so he could get the cat out. While Rambo was in the garage, I fed him an orange. He really liked that. Once my dad got home, he got the cat out of the fence by cutting the wire link and pushing the cat gently out. The cat hung around for a little bit, but it soon ran off.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's getting colder...

It has been getting chillier here. I have to make sure I have warm clothes on when I go to feed Rambo. I have him eat in his house now because it is too cold for him to eat outside. I will have to try to get him out for a little bit more exercise before the snow comes, because he will probably gain some weight from just sitting in his house during the winter. Figuring out what to get Rambo for Christmas is hard! I am running out of ideas for what to get him! The sweater didn't work out because he is way to big for them...maybe I will make him a big platter of fruits and vegetables!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Picture

Yesterday, my family and I took a Christmas picture to send out to friends and family. It was hilarious. In the picture we had my dad, brother, mom, our two pugs, Rambo and me. We had to take about five different pictures until we finally got a good one. Rambo and the pugs wouldn't stay still, so I had to set Cheerios on the ground for Rambo so that while we were taking the picture he wouldn't move so much. Although, we had to hurry up and take the picture before Rambo got done eating his Cheerios because he can eat them really fast. When we got a good picture taken, my mom uploaded it onto the computer and put it on one of those Christmas card backgrounds, but when she did, the picture looked blurry! My mom tried to get it as clear as she could, but it still looked a little blurry. I am hoping they turn out!

Rambo has been doing well, we have him all prepared for winter. My dad put a radio in his house so Rambo can be listening to something while he is in his house.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

My family and I went on vacation for Labor Day, so Rambo had to stay home. We would let him come with, but he is too heavy for us to have to lift in and out of the car. We had our neighbor take care of him while we were gone. He gave Rambo some carrots. I bet Rambo enjoyed that! Tomorrow I am going back to school, so I might not have a lot of time to post, but I will try and get on and post as much as I can.

We have been letting Rambo out to get some exercise, and he always runs over to this apple tree that we have because he wants to eat all the apples that have fallen on the ground. There are tons of them on the ground right now, so I will have to go and pick some of them up. I don't want him to eat all of the apples because he might end up getting a stomach ache, and that wouldn't be good.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Very Humid

It has been very humid out the past few days. Rambo lost most of his hair again this year. Most of it will grow back once it starts to get colder out as fall approaches. I have had to make sure that Rambo has had plenty of water to drink so he can stay hydrated. Rambo also enjoys rolling in the mud so he can stay cool. I have also been leaving his roof open because otherwise it would get way to warm in there for him. It is supposed to be about 100 degrees tomorrow! Rambo will have to have a lot of water to drink!

I will post more soon!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rambo had a bath

Rambo finally had a bath today! It was rainy and never really warm out all week, so finally my dad and I were able to give Rambo a bath. Instead of washing Rambo in his pool we usually used, my dad filled up two buckets with warm water. Then he took a cup and scooped out the water and poured it over him. I scrubbed him with the shampoo. Rambo got kind of antsy and tried to run away, but luckily he had his harness on and my dad held onto him. After rinsing off the shampoo, we dried him off and put some lotion on him. He was able to go run around outside for a bit after that and he managed to get his face all dirty!